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Riding out Hurricane Sandy

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by , 29th October 2012 at 07:43 PM (572 Views)
My mother has a vacation house on Long Beach Island on the Jersey Shore. The island flooded starting last night. Because the house isn't on stilts and only a 3 foot tall concrete base, it isn't looking too good. Atlantic City and Seaside, heck, the rest of the Shore, aren't in great shape either. Lower Manhattan, Connecticut, and Long Island are pretty bas too.

Right now I'm at my grad school house in inland South Jersey. The wind is blowing hard! I had a hard time taking a walk down the block around noon to check if the nearby lake overflowed! Like average twentysomethings, we're hanging out, drinking alcohol, watching movies, or playing video games. Luckily we still have power.

NJ isn't very used to hurricanes. We usually only get downgraded tropical storms or depressions. Before Irene, the last hurricane to make landfall in NJ as a hurricane was in 1903, and now we've had two in two years. The lowest barometric pressures on record for NJ and Philly were recorded today. This storm is rediculous!

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