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My iPod loves a certain band

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by , 13th June 2012 at 11:29 PM (249 Views)
Looks like this is the start of a nice bandwagon.

While lying on my brand-new bed, I put my iPod on shuffle and wrote down the first 10 songs that came up, minus some weird uncredited remixes I scrounged from the Internet.

1. Start Me Up (1981 Still Life Live)- Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones. One of the classic rock bands that almost everybody knows about. I only have the live version on my iPod. This is coincidentally appropriate for the first song on a shuffle session.

2. If You Could See- Tonic

A song that reminds me of my childhood, namely late elementary school. It's a very nice-sounding rock song. Also, two people I know from a theater group I was involved with once did an acoustic guitar duet that was a mashup between this and Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi". (the video can be seen here.

3. Truth- Alexander

This was a free song I got somewhere, probably from the weekly iTunes thing I don't know how long ago.

4. Lithium- Evanescence

I like Evanescence. Their haunting, strong female-fronted sound always hit me in a good way. While not my favorite song from their discography, it still epitomizes their classic sound. I also wish my high school chemistry teacher used this song as an example when she did a demo set to songs named after elements on the periodic table. (she used John Mayer's "Neon".)

5. What Is Love- Haddaway

The legendary, memetic, 90s-tastic song, popularized by that Night at the Roxbury scene. I always liked it, and when I was addicted to YTMND as a freshman and sophomore in college, I discovered the site with the looping gif of the three guys bouncing their heads to it. It was also referenced in a Super Bowl commercial a few years back. The head thing is pretty much the only way to dance to this song now.

6. Just Dance- Lady Gaga

A catchy party song that I remember hearing all the time the fall I started my first grad program. This was also the song that introduced me to Gaga. While she has one of the weirdest fashion senses ever, I have a tiny ounce of respect for her because, living in the same NYC-NJ broadcast market, she listened to the same radio shows on the same station as I did growing up.

7. Lose Control- Evanescence

Looks like my iPod loves Evanescence.

8. Can't Go Home- Good Old War

A free indie song I got off iTunes. It's surprisingly catchy for a band I never heard of.

9. Weight of the World- Evanescence

Looks like my iPod REALLY loves Evanescence! It was on shuffle, I swear!

10. Parentheses- The Antlers

Another free indie song I got from iTunes.
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