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by , 11th September 2011 at 10:34 AM (280 Views)
Wow. Ten years since 9/11. Insane. I remember exactly what I did and how gorgeous the weather was that day. (80something degrees and blue, cloudless sky)

I live 30 miles from NYC and was less than a month from my 14th birthday. At the time the planes hit the towers, I was in science class. It was our first double period. Our principal came on the intercom and said that if anybody had family members working in the WTC, go to the media center. He said it a couple times. We had no idea what happened. Then I asked my geometry teacher the next period and she said a plane hit it. Okay, I thought, it was a freak accident.
We never watched the TVs that day. Nobody in my classes got around to it. Then in orchestra class, while we were sightreading something for our fall concert, someone on the intercom asked for me and said I was leaving the building. I was afraid and thought my grandparents or... dog died. It turned out that my mom pulled me out of school because I also left early after bomb threats the yea before. She told me everything, saying that the WTC was leveled to the ground and that "we were under attack". I finally watched the news on TV and it looked like a Hollywood disaster blockbuster in real life. That evening, I was in my bedroom listening to the TV in my mom's bedroom when 7 WTC collapsed. It was also really weird to hear all the radio stations preempt their music to play TV station news feeds instead. Life was in shock and almost shut down.

A couple of weird things also happened that day. Around 7 a.m. I was on the school bus listening to my favorite radio station on my Walkman and the morning show was commenting about how awesome the weather was. (blue sky, 80something degrees) A guy called in and said his wife was in labor. The DJ asked if he could do anything for her so he sang a really butchered "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". Then he said "isn't it a great day to have a baby?"

After I came home from school, my mom let our dog outside. She started barking and looked up. She has never looked at the sky while barking before or since. It turned out that one of our neighbors' peahens escaped and flew up on our roof. It had to be that day. That scared us.

I remember how long it took for those events to sink in for me. It's still unbelievable that they managed to pull off these horrific attacks. It was the first time I truly felt threatened and vulnerable, after the prosperous 1990s. May all the victims rest in peace.

I also remember all the patriotic fervor and community spirit in the following months.

God Bless America!

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