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Racing the Mind

Random thoughts I decide to blog about.

  1. B2 Update #5: BEASTLY

    Thanks to New York Comic Con, I was able to reach Rank 5 on Join Avenue soon after starting it, and ranked some of the shops too.

    It's a total BEAST.

    Does anybody know what phrase a person says when they want to open a bistro? Not a deli, I got one already, but a Bistro. Is there a difference?

    Speaking of BEASTLY, when I was scrounging for N's Pokemon in the Desert Resort, I ran into his Zen Mode Darmanitan. LEVEL 35. When all my team was level 23-24. ...
  2. Black 2 update 10/11/12: Oh, Irene

    Training and earning money are very important in Pokemon games, especially in the first half of the main story when the player is low on cash. (and you don't start with too much in BW2 so you have to ration your Poke Ball and Potion purchases) That's why all the way through Castelia, I scrounged around for all the EXP I could get to face to gym leaders and earn some money for extra balls in case I'm stuck in a long battle against stubborn wild Pokemon. (I'm looking at you, Eevee!)

  3. How do you people do it?

    How the heck can you speedrun a Pokemon game? I just beat Burgh and I've read that people have beaten the game/ got 8 badges already. (and I got my game a day early)

    Between grad school, driving to grad school, eating, sleeping, homework, and other general stuff, I can't stay glued to my 3DS 24/7.

    Anyway, random thoughts on the game so far...

  4. What Roxie should have performed...

    Instead of the cheesy "Pokemon" or "Dogars" songs, Roxie's band should have totally performed something along the lines of...

    this classic song from the musical "Chicago!"


    Bonus points if her last name is Hart.

    (I think Pop Roxie is only a stage name for her dad, don't you think? The budding actor...)

    And does anybody think that ...
  5. 2 badges in Black 2

    I'm literally just about to get on the boat to Castelia. Pokestar Studios has a lot of potential, but I don't want to stick around right now with the main story and will backtrack much later.

    Roxie was a piece of cake, even though I started with Snivy. Magnemite took down her Koffing and my Magby and traded Rufflet beat the Whirlipede. That gritty rock club reminds me of a few places I've been to, like the Stone Pony or some random hole-in-the-wall bars by my undergrad college. ...
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