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How do you people do it?

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How the heck can you speedrun a Pokemon game? I just beat Burgh and I've read that people have beaten the game/ got 8 badges already. (and I got my game a day early)

Between grad school, driving to grad school, eating, sleeping, homework, and other general stuff, I can't stay glued to my 3DS 24/7.

Anyway, random thoughts on the game so far...

And I had two long, arduous battles with Eevee... both female! They wouldn't stay in all the balls I threw, even the Timer Balls and the Ultra Ball my Lillipup found with Pickup a while back. I couldn't use Quick Balls either time because they were double battles with Rattata or Cottonee. The first one was brought down by a burn because of my Magby's Flame Body, and the status effect still didn't let me catch her, so she fainted. Luckily, I found another female Eevee a few battles later. Finally got her in a Great Ball and nicknamed her Echo because of my echoing, reverberating madness during my attempts to catch her. I'm keeping her on my team and evolving her into Vaporeon once I can find a stone.

Current team, all levels 22-23: Servine, Lucario, Eevee, Rufflet, Magby, Growlithe. Will ditch the Growlithe for a Ground type in preperation for the next gym.

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  1. Soulmaster's Avatar
    We just have no life. Took me bit under 36 hours and that is with other stuff between.
  2. Hidden Mew's Avatar
    I honestly don't know how that works either. I just got my third badge in Black 2 yesterday and going back to work on my White 2 team. I'd much rather go through the games at a slow pace than going through everything within the first few days. Although, it probably helps that I usually don't like to spend so many hours playing video games. After a couple of hours, I often need some kind of break.
  3. Dolce's Avatar
    It's as Soulmaster said. We have no life. Though in my case to be specific I make beating whatever game I get a priority and usually put off everything else. >.>;; But this time I'm actually taking my time cause I just beat Burgh myself.
  4. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Welp, I got it Sunday morning, played it all day, then did nothing but play it at all times when I was not at work. I beat it in 29:56. I wouldn't consider it a speed run at all, I took my time.
  5. Miles101's Avatar
    Don't even have badge 3 yet. I agree, you people must have serious skills or just really, really, really like Pokémon. How do you do it? :O
  6. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    I still haven't gotten my first badge yet, because the game was released right before college starts, so I have to play my games during the weekends.
  7. Flannery's Avatar
    The fastest speed runs come from a well-planned strat and complete focus.

    Take the newest WoW expansion as an example. With the content already shown in beta, a few members of my guild planned out an optimal route for the five level grind up to 90. Combine that with skill and 48 straight hours (they all took two days off of school / work) and you get a quick run.

    Its actually easier to do that with the Pokemon games, given the fact that they were already out in Japan. Given that, it would have been easy to plan a detailed strategy for every single encounter, every single route.

    And that my friends is how you finish a video game within 24 hours of release.
  8. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Miles101
    Don't even have badge 3 yet. I agree, you people must have serious skills or just really, really, really like Pokémon. How do you do it? :O
    You play it.
  9. MegaCharr's Avatar
    Dont feel bad...I haven't had much time to play my Black 2 so all my Pokemon are still level 10 and under...


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