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Crazy situation at home post-Sandy

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by , 3rd November 2012 at 09:33 AM (344 Views)
It's Saturday, and my mom's been without power since Monday when Sandy hit. She called me this morning and said she's been email volleying with the mayor of our town about when the power company is coming and that the southern section of town has been ignored. The big retail corridor was more important.

NJ is also implementing gas rationing in 12 counties in the northern and central parts of the state. Odd numbered license plates have to get gas on odd numbered days and even numbers on even days. Lines for gas stations have been up to a mile long and people have waited for hours only to be turned away.

I'm still at my grad school house in the southern part of the state, which doesn't have that gas problem and we never lost power during the hurricane.

Mom says it's colder inside the house than it is outside and she's cooking and charging her stuff at her Rutgers office. Friends with power are offering her to come shower at their houses.

Yesterday, I drove 30 miles to a Red Cross shelter at a church to donate cat litter and disinfecting wipes. (every little bit helps, right?) there were tons of people there and I dropped the stuff off in a corner with a gigantic pile of food and necessities. People at the shelter were taking taxis to various places and some seemes clearly frustrated, especially with the other people there. A volunteer said people need donated gift cards especially, because they need to buy their own stuff and the elderly need prescriptions.

Oh, and it was surreal to see that telethon on NBC last night for our area. They've done things like that for Katrina and 9/11, but the Jersey Shore is where most of my family has spent lots of time. It even showed Jon Bon Jovi visit his hometown, which is in my home county along the bay, and some people got hit hard. Staten Island was even worse.

My area when I'm in grad school was pretty much unscathed, but I'm still afraid of the traffic situation at home. I have to go back on Tuesday for Election Day because that's where I'm registered, then I'll exchange my clothes and head back south.

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  1. Paperhorse's Avatar
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    I'm still out of power from Hurricane Sandy and they don't expect restoration until this Wednesday. Things have been rough here, but a lot worse in other places. I hope you and your family stay safe!
  2. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
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    Wednesday? Yuck.


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