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  1. NYCC/ XY Nintendo World Launch Recap!

    I don't think I've still recovered.

    Last weekend was absolutely exhausting, but rewarding. I knew NYCC would be off the hook when X and Y were announced to be released around the world that weekend. My big toe is still bruised.

    So let's cut to the chase. I had a 4-day badge and cosplayed as a Litwick on Thursday and a Mega Absol on Friday and Saturday. Thursday night into Friday I was brazen enough to camp on the sidewalk outside Nintendo World to guarantee myself an ...
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  2. Brotakon

    I'm spending the second of two weekends in a row in Baltimore for geek conventions. Last week was Bronycon and now I'm waiting for a panel at Otakon. I'm glad I got my badge yesterday and my friend was lucky enough to book a room at the attached Hilton so I just had to get out of bed, get on the elevator, and walk 50 feet to the panel room.

    I'm wearing mostly Pokémon cosplay because all of my MLP stuff is in the wash from Bronycon. I'll wear a Glitch City sandwich board today and ...
  3. Photo recap: BW2 launch event during NYCC

    As promised in my "live" blog post, I'd give another recap of this. Being a grad student, as well as churning through Black 2, has consumed much of my time and it took me a while to upload my pictures.

    This was at SIR Stage37 in Manhattan, 10/13/12.

    Included are some pics of the VIP lounge. I Fight Dragons is a really good band. They use SNES controllers and NES Power Pads in some of their music.

    Photos in spoilers:

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  4. Masuda thought our Poke-cosplay photoshoot was "gorgeous!"

    So I was at AnimeNEXT over the weekend and dressed as Pokemon for two of the three days.

    Somebody tweeted Junichi Masuda a pic from the Friday photoshoot, and he responded!

    Tweet (w/ pic) is here:


    (I'm the one dressed as Articuno.)