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Racing the Mind


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by , 9th August 2013 at 08:09 AM (168 Views)
I'm spending the second of two weekends in a row in Baltimore for geek conventions. Last week was Bronycon and now I'm waiting for a panel at Otakon. I'm glad I got my badge yesterday and my friend was lucky enough to book a room at the attached Hilton so I just had to get out of bed, get on the elevator, and walk 50 feet to the panel room.

I'm wearing mostly Pokémon cosplay because all of my MLP stuff is in the wash from Bronycon. I'll wear a Glitch City sandwich board today and a Spritzee gijinka tomorrow.

Bronycon's concerts caused so much bass and shaking, that it registered 1.6 magnitude and people could feel it from a mile away.

I want Vic Mignogna to sign my Kyurem movie DVD.

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