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Black 2 update 10/11/12: Oh, Irene

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by , 11th October 2012 at 01:29 PM (494 Views)
Training and earning money are very important in Pokemon games, especially in the first half of the main story when the player is low on cash. (and you don't start with too much in BW2 so you have to ration your Poke Ball and Potion purchases) That's why all the way through Castelia, I scrounged around for all the EXP I could get to face to gym leaders and earn some money for extra balls in case I'm stuck in a long battle against stubborn wild Pokemon. (I'm looking at you, Eevee!)

That's why I thought Breeder Irene on Route 4 was so useful when she challenged you every time you came on the route. I grinded to be on par with Burgh's team (until I realized that I had a Flying type and two Fire types that I trained just for him, then I stopped at lv 22 and OHKOed two of his three Pokemon). Now that I have enough money and EXP and can move to the desert, I don't need her that much anymore.

And I really think they should have given Colress a facepalming sprite animation when Irene challenged me (again) with him standing in view waiting to battle me! I really think Colress has awesome sprite animations to begin with, both overworld and in-battle.

So then I went into the desert. It's Thursday, so I caught that Weak Armor Mandibuzz and a Scraggy that once belonged to a socially awkward guy with green hair wearing a cube on his belt loop. I had to stay on high alert for that one.

I definitely met my goal of reaching Join Avenue by tomorrow, so I can tag people with my C Gear at NYCC and add to it!

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