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B2 Update #9: Action! Drama!

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by , 26th October 2012 at 11:52 AM (195 Views)
Spoilers and some character analysis ahead.

I spent a large portion of my day off getting my last two badges and then some. There was too much level grinding involved!

After basking in the fact that I caught a shiny Muk (and had a day filled with master's project planning which is going to be huge next spring), I finally went to challenge Drayden. I liked the gym puzzle in this game a lot more than I did in BW, which was too confusing. Triple and rotation battles with the gym trainers were brilliant ideas.

Drayden himself wasn't too bad. I one-shotted the Flygon with an Aurora Beam and the Haxorus kept Dragon Dancing while I took away his HP.

It felt weird to have beaten Drayden and still have one more gym left.

By the way, I love Marlon's gym! It's very pleasant, and I loved floating under that bridge among the pretty plants.

Marlon was easy too. I think some of his trainers beforehand were tougher. I love how he just jumped into the ocean and swam away after giving you the badge, only to show up in front soon after when the plot continued. He reminds me of some super laid-back people I know from college.

I think I'm gonna use that Frillish face board in Humilau as a saving location in the future.

I love the music on Rt. 21-22. It's classic Pokemon-esque. Rt. 23 is too choppy.

Now, some comments on the story part, which I came into without consulting walkthroughs...

And then I caught a Ditto.

Grinding on Rt. 23 as of this writing.

Team: Serperior (Whiplash) lv. 54, Lucario (Taco), Vaporeon (Echo), Braviary (Wargle), Magmortar (Elizabeth), Zoroark (N's), all lv. 55

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