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B2 Update #7: PARTY PLANE

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Skyla was a breeze, no pun intended. I think I overprepared for her, as I did with most of the Gym Leaders. Caught a Zebstrika (Jolly nature!) and trained to OHKO her Swanna because I don't currently have electric moves on my main team.

The gym puzzle was pretty fun though, having to run as fast as the game could limit you before the giant gust of wind knocked you back.

I overprepare for all the gyms because there's still a chance of me struggling with specific Pokemon. (like Clay's Excadrill)

Life got in the way this weekend. I had to do the chore of taking the winter clothes down from the attic, and went to Philly to see my alma mater's football team improve to 7-0. Go Rutgers!

I liked the scene where you fly to Lentimas Town.

Skyla wants to fly Juniper to the other side of Unova and invites you along? Okay, simple transport scene. When Bianca joins in, it's a party plane! (which was my exact out-loud comment when I got to that part) It looks like a pretty crummy turboprop though.

Game Freak can make great use of similar cutscenes when the games are made for the 3DS. And I totally called Skyla flying you somewhere when I saw the Lentimas airstrip on the prelimary BW2 region map last winter.

But anyway, PARTY PLANE.


Current team: Serperior (Whiplash, lv 37), Lucario (Taco, lv 38), Magmar (Elizabeth, lv 38), Wargle (Rufflet, lv 38), Vaporeon (Echo, lv 38), Zoroark (N's, lv 38)

I carried a mothereffin' Serperior on that party plane.


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  1. Wishmaker Jirachi's Avatar
    N's Zoroark! Very nice.
    Interesting that you called it a party plane...hopefully my interpretation of what you meant is NOT what you were thinking of.

    Also, despite schoolwork, I managed to get the game done within a week, and catch Kyurem within two /Horn Drill'd
    Seriously though, good work! Though I'd like to say this: You thought you overprepared?
    Well, lemme tell you my team of five when I defeated the Elite Four:
    Emboar Lv.59 - Blaze (Porque. Name means "why" in Spanish! XD)
    Magnezone Lv.60 - Magnet Pull (Zonda C12. For my catches that I could nickname besides Emboar, I named them all after Pagani supercars.)
    Lucario Lv.61 - Inner Focus (Zonda S7.3)
    Keldeo Lv.61 - Justified
    Genesect Lv.62 - Download

    All five of them were traded to my original copy of Black for EV Training in preparation for stuff like the PWT and Battle Subway. That's how overprepared you can REALLY be!
    (To explain the Event Legendaries: I made it a point to make them part of my full team, all three of them. Unfortunately, Meloetta's not out yet so I made do with the two of them that were out.)
  2. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    I had to rage quit when Skyla's Swoobat killed off both my Scolipede and Vibrara with Acrobatics and Attract. I had to get bring a Gigalith from an in-game trade to the party to take down her Swoobat and Swanna.
  3. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
    Party plane= four familiar characters together

    I half-expected Cheren or somebody else to join in at that point.


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