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B2 Update #5: BEASTLY

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by , 12th October 2012 at 11:32 PM (541 Views)
Thanks to New York Comic Con, I was able to reach Rank 5 on Join Avenue soon after starting it, and ranked some of the shops too.

It's a total BEAST.

Does anybody know what phrase a person says when they want to open a bistro? Not a deli, I got one already, but a Bistro. Is there a difference?

Speaking of BEASTLY, when I was scrounging for N's Pokemon in the Desert Resort, I ran into his Zen Mode Darmanitan. LEVEL 35. When all my team was level 23-24. He would have easily decimated my team. I'm glad I had a Quick Ball though, so I saved myself from a crisis. Elesa shouldn't be a problem now.

Also, when you first reach Nimbasa,

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  1. Winterdaze's Avatar
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    Lucky you! Some of the items and services you can get through Join Avenue are absurdly good.
  2. Gaga's Avatar
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    Pit pat! Seriously, the Join Avenue sellers scare me.


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