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B2 Update #10: League Champion! (while riding out a hurricane)

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WOOHOO! Finally done it! The free couple days off are a blessing for video game progress!

My team that beat the E4 and Champion (very late to that one bandwagon):

Taco (Lucario) (M) Lv. 60 Hardy nature @Amulet Coin

Close Combat
Ice Punch
Dragon Pulse

Elizabeth (Magmortar) (F) Lv. 60 Hasty nature @Rocky Helmet
Flame Body

Confuse Ray

N's Zoroark (M) Lv. 59 Hasty nature @Shell Bell

Nasty Plot
Shadow Ball

Whiplash (Serperior) (M) Lv. 60 Lonely nature @Expert Belt

Leaf Blade
Dragon Tail
Leech Seed

Echo (Vaporeon) (F) Lv. 61 Brave nature @Leftovers
Water Absorb

Acid Armor
Signal Beam
Ice Beam

Wargle (Braviary) (M) Lv. 60 Naive nature @Silk Scarf
Sheer Force

Crush Claw
Shadow Claw

It took me a little more than 80 hours of level grinding and exploring to beat the main story. (compare that to 82 hours in the original Black) Approximately 7-10 of those hours were from leaving the C Gear open at NYCC get the 1000+ tags and the medal. (In B1, I wasted many hours leaving the DS in sleep mode with the C Gear on, something I didn't do on B2 with the 3DS.) Timewise, at least I beat the league in less than a month vs. a month and a half for the original Black. I've said before, I can never speedrun a Pokemon game.

Victory Road and Route 23 were rediculous with the mazes and HM puzzles. I hated running back and forth with my Flash/ Cut/ Strength slaves while looking for more or avoiding trainers. Hugh hit hard for his level too, even with my entire main team.

Iris wore down much of my team, but my Vaporeon and Lucario were enough to keep me in the battle.

Out of the Elite Four, Caitlin was the toughest, but I had enough type coverage and was leveled high enough (everyone was lv. 59 when I started) that I was never in immediate danger of being defeated.

The champion battle theme doesn't sound like one at first, but then really gets into it. I'd put it at #3 on my list of champion themes, after Lance/ Red and Cynthia.

The credits theme was better in BW, but the scenes had more substance.

Can't wait for the postgame. Ahh, screw it, the rain's coming down hard now, I'm exploring right away!

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    This is a well-balanced team, and I guess you didn't have enough shards to give Serperior Aqua Tail. Shadow Ball and Snarl seem to be placeholders for Night Daze and Focus Blast. Is the Earthquake TM really that late to get judging by Dig on Lucario's moveset?
  2. SharKing's Avatar
    @Ghetsis-Dennis You get Earthquake on Route 15 (or whatever Route has the Poke Transfer Lab; I think it's 15, if memory serves), so you can't get it until after you beat the Elite Four.
  3. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
    This is the team I used to beat Iris, uploaded immediately after I beat her.

    I'm giving the Serperior Outrage and adding Earthquake and some Rock moves to some of the other members.


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