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2 badges in Black 2

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I'm literally just about to get on the boat to Castelia. Pokestar Studios has a lot of potential, but I don't want to stick around right now with the main story and will backtrack much later.

Roxie was a piece of cake, even though I started with Snivy. Magnemite took down her Koffing and my Magby and traded Rufflet beat the Whirlipede. That gritty rock club reminds me of a few places I've been to, like the Stone Pony or some random hole-in-the-wall bars by my undergrad college.

My current team (all level 17): Servine, Magby, Riolu, Growlithe, Rufflet, Munna

I boxed the Magnemite after the gym battle, and I like having my team level up almost evenly.

Oh yeah, props to Dream Radar. The intro feels too much like a theme park attraction instead of a video game though.

I'm really enjoying this game. The atmosphere is excellent, most of the new music (Aspertia, Flocessy, Ranch, Virbank) is really good, and they do a good job of tying in the story of the first BW. I like how Brycen AND Sabrina are Pokestar actors. (nice job of throwing in a Kanto gym leader outside of the PWT)

It's going to be tough for me to quickly finish this game, between grad school and this head cold I got over the weekend. I NEVER speedrun Pokemon games though, I like going slower, especially to level grind.

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