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Chapter 2 is up!

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Epic Adventure of Unspoken Destiny has received it's second chapter! Almost five chapters have been completed, and they are added to the thread when I have time to type them up in between schoolwork. Also, the fan-fic has a mindblowing total of 85 views and 0 ratings, so it isn't too late to hop on the bandwagon for the latest craze all your friends are talking about! Please don't be afraid to leave a review or even just a comment.

Here's an excerpt from Chapter 2: The Big Brown Dog:

I sat at my desk, sipping coffee from my "I <3 SUBSEED" mug. It was 2:00a.m., but we lived in our offices. The CORPORATION™ didn't like secrets getting out.

I looked at the memo on the table. Dang, what was taking the execs so long? We'd been staking out for hours waiting for an official response to the Alph Ruins Crisis. At around 2:30a.m., the speaker turned on. We saw the fat bearded supervisor through the glass shield wall.

"We've been looking through our records the past couple hours..." the supervisor began.

"You don't say," muttered a sleep-deprived Alexis. I forgot that we shared an office.

"Alright, I'll cut to the chase," the speaker crackled. "As a private institution, we have no jurisdiction over the Ruins. They're a national treasure."

"So that's it?!" I said in disbelief. "Our first case in over a year and we give it up just like that?"

"Hey, you didn't let me finish," the fat man said. "We can get permission from the government to perform a sting operation. That's why I've invited the president of the Treasures Bureau."

"Wow, kudos to the CORPORATION™ for getting something done for once," Alexis muttered.

"SILENCE FOOL. THE CORPORATION™ IS THE PINNACLE OF HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT," the supervisor recited from his CORPORATION™ employee response note card. The mic clicked off and the office door lock slid open. Out stepped a fellow with a backwards cap, unkempt sideburns and a limp plaid tie.

Here's what fans have to say about Epic Adventure of Unspoken Destiny:

"What is a story of Gold be a better badass then Red jumping of a mountain." - FireBlader15

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  1. Phoenixon's Avatar
    "What is a story of Gold be a better badass then Red jumping of a mountain." - FireBlader15
    I cri evrytym.
  2. Vubberth's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixon
    I cri evrytym.
    I have made this story. I will post it soon.


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