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New Ranger game?

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(Sorry in advance if this has already had a blog on it...)

As we saw in the chapters for the new manga, and in the new trailer, there is a character, Eric, that is a Pokemon Ranger. He seems to play a pretty major role, and as they have done before, it seems this may be a promo for a new Ranger game!!!

I would love it if this actually happens.... Do you think it will?? Guardian Signs was a really good game, and with the graphics of the 3DS, and newer Pokemon from Unova, the game would sell like crazy!! (At least that's what I think)

Anyway, would you LIKE it if there was a new Ranger game? What might it be called? What would be the main story? What will be the new gameplay features (The Signs thing in was an amazing idea)?

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  1. Garren's Avatar
    I don't think he's a Pokemon Ranger, I'm pretty sure he's a park the Ranger class in the mainline series, not the Rangers from the Ranger Series.
  2. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
    they had a "ranger" in the be a master BW manga series. i havnt seen a pic of eric but i got a hunch he is a likely a COTD type charcter


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