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Res- This old rapper

Zzzzz oh? I'm here.

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by , 28th February 2011 at 03:23 AM (138 Views)
Just a note to self, and a few other mentions about stuff like my PKMN team and short bio 'bout my self.

My teams tend to be either varied with a few of whatever I find or pure water, ice, or bug.

Favorite pkmn is hard, but the strongest one I ever had is a frelagator, icy wind, dynamic punch (with crazy luck from my end, meaning I hit more then I should), surf, and bite.

I'm rather insaine and some times klepto schisko and a few dozen other things that don't exist yet.

Born and raised on the state's, calli-sunny-freaking-fornia, where it is cold when it sholdent be, hot as hell and when it does rain, it fraking pores.

Also I'm bad with spelling so please forgive me, most of this will be off of my Ipod anyways...

How did I find this place? A site with adult orented art is all I'm saying for fear of geting flaged and baned. But to give a hint a freind told me about this place because some one was talking about gralvadors and null and fem/trap abd so on and so forth...

I think thats enough for now...

oh also, @me in the future when I'm not out of it and in a daze, go log in to all your accounts on other sites before they get sweaped by the bots for in activity.

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