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  1. So............

    Who are you voting for Smash bros?
    I'm probably voting for Viridi, who is with me?

    This like that poster that goes: "I want you for the American Army."

    But instead its like: "I want you for the Smash Bros Roster!"

    Can someone make that please, like Sakurai is just in the photo pointing at you saying he wants you to join the roster. It's perfect.
    Smash Bros Talk
  2. "It's an investment in your future!"

    This post was written in a state of anger, so there's swearing involved. Just a heads up.

    I was at work today, and I overheard two of my co-workers talking about college and their degrees and stuff like that. (Quick note, I live in the United States, so this blog is mainly about the "education" system of the U.S.)

    So basically, one co-worker says she's taking out a very large sum of money in loans, to the tune of $60,000 total once she finishes. Understandably, ...

    Updated 2nd April 2015 at 07:51 PM by GastlyGibus

    Musings and observations , Ranting and raving
  3. Disney memories - part 1

    Hi guys. I never imagined that I would eventualy do a non-Pokemon blog, but in the last couple of months I've begun reading some blogs with Disney movies reviews, and in them the reviewers sometimes expressed how the film influenced them in the past, and I decided to make my own version of it. Also, I will be watching Wreck-it-Ralph for the first time this sunday, and this seems like a good way to celebrate it.

    Each blog will cover around 20 films from the official canon, and it will ...
  4. Pokemon news, FE news

    Lots of blogs about these two due to that Nintendo direct, so I'm going to say some things too.

    When it was just Pokémon Shuffle, I was annoyed, but then I played it and discovered it's not that bad. But now not only is there going to be another Pokemon freemium game, it's part of a already existing spin-off series. Even if it's the best freemium game ever, I will still be angered by Pokémon Rumble World's existence. What were they thinking when they came up with this, other than ...
  5. The future of the Pokemon franchise and the Mobile Market

    So I bet everyone heard about "Pokemon Rumble World" on the recent Nintendo Direct. Why am I not surprised that the only Pokemon game revealed on the Direct was a spin-off, and why am I not surprised that it's another freemium game like Pokemon Shuffle was, especially a cheap spin-off like the Rumble series. Marilland's "Pokemon Zero and Infinity Version" April Fools gag was a lot more convincing than this, probably because it implied a new main-series game, which is what people ...
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