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Kanon Shirogane

My very own gym

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Since this seems to be the upcoming bandwagon, I'll give it a try.

My specialty would be Fairy Types, just cause they intrigue me!

Team 1 (Beginners)

Flabebe Lv 11
Sylveon: Lv 13

Team 2 (Intermediate)
Floette Lv 25
Kirlia Lv 25
Slurpuff Lv 27

Team 3 (All out)
Gardevoir LV 48
Sylveon LV 48
Slurpuff LV 48
Wigglytuff LV 48
Azumaril LV 48
Florges: Lv 50

My gym would probably be modeled after a cathedral, with stained glass windows that depict stars and the moon. For the puzzle, you have to activate switches by using stained glass panels to reflect light on them.

I'd also do a Ghost theme gym, since Ghost Types are tied with Fairy Types for one of my favorite types

Beginner Team

Litwick LV 12
Haunter: Lv 14

Intermediate Team:
Litwick Lv 25
Spiritomb LV 25
Gengar: Lv 27

Strongest Team

Spiritomb LV 48
Jelicent LV 48
Chandelure LV 48
Froslass LV 48
Gourgeist LV 48
Gengar LV 50

My gym would be themed after a rose garden with various tomb stones scattered around the gym. There are lanterns shaped like Jack-o-Lanters, and you'd have to remove barriers by lighting different colored candles.

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  1. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    Sylveon would be way too strong for a beginner game, Eeveelutions usually have really good stats, and IIRC, Sylveon's Special Defense is astronomical.
  2. Hoopa's Avatar
    Thats why you use physical moves.


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