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Kanon Shirogane

  1. Hectic Day and My Head is about F ing Ready to Explode!!!!!

    Well, to start, my power went out last night and when I woke up, my alarm wasn't working, and i was late to school and was 2 minutes away from being tarde and getting an after school detention.

    2nd. I'm at my locker and one of my friends decides to say hi, and he accidently bumps into the locker next to mine and the lock fell off, because it wasn't on all the way. So my friend opens the door to see who it belongs to and lock it for him. But the Locker Owner Guy came in and jumped ...
  2. Hitting the RPG wall....

    So I've trying really hard to start some RPG's but it seems I've hit the wall. I can't seem to get anyone to sign up for my RP's and when I do, I just lose all passion in it! What am I supossed to do?!
  3. Dream of Crows/That's My Life

    I wrote two sets of lyrics and if everyone could comment on my handywork to see how I can improve them, that would be great!

    Dream of Crows
  4. Crossing Field

    Hey I just finished covering a Japanese Song called Crossing Field, i rewrote the lyrics in english.

    Please Comment you're oppinians on the cover and lyrics, thanks!


    Although I was afraid, I still don't understand
    Why I still fear, that it stayed
    But I'll push on through, and never back down
    No matter what

    In this place, with skies that I have ...
  5. Shooting Star

    This set of song lyrics i wrote was supposed to be more on the fast and cheerful side, again, comment your ideas and thoughts. It really helps!!!

    After years of pain and misery
    I can’t help but feel so happy
    The goal I’ve been trying to achieve
    Is coming oh so close
    If I give it my all, then there’s no slowing down
    At least that’s what I believe

    I’m moving on
    With all my friends
    So we’ll keep on trucking ...
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