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Gym Leader Review: Elesa

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Elesa is an Electric Type Gym Leader introduced in Pokemon Black and White, she's notable for being the first female Electric Type Specialist, along with the only Black and White Gym Leader to receive a redesign in Black 2 and White 2. Elesa happens also to have a fairly strong fan base among Pokemon Fans.

Game Info:
Elesa's the 4th Gym leader you battle in the Gen V games, and she is stationed in Nimbasa City. As a secondary career, Elesa is model, being further explored when her Gym is revamped as a catwalk in Black 2 and White 2. Her team in the first game consisted of 2 Emolga and a Zebstrika, and in the second game, she replaced one of her Emolga with a Flaffy. Speaking from experience, Elesa is probably one of the most annoying gym leaders to go up against to date, because of the unique strategy she employs by having her Pokemon constantly being switched out with Volt Switch. This makes it difficult, because unless you knock out the Pokemon in one hit, your only gradually dealing damage to her entire team, causing her to last longer then several other Gym Leaders. Volt Switch itself is a decent move as well, being at a power rating of 70, with 100% accuracy. Another reason Trainers will struggle against her is because she has a trump card against every starter Pokemon in the Unova Region. The Oshawott line is naturally weak to electric type moves, she can knock out the Snivy line using an Arial Ace from Emolga, or Flame Charge from Zebstrika, and finally Pignite will struggle against Arial Ace from Emolga as well. This often forces the player to rely on other Pokemon, which can be difficult if you only spent time raising your starter.

Concept: I honestly would've never paired a super model with the electric types, and honestly expected anyone in the fashion world to specialize in something like Normal Types. But Elesa caught me off guard, and choose Pokemon that were actually fairly tom boyish. Elesa's design is pretty solid overall (I honestly prefer her original design), and fits her Type specialty nicely. Personality wise, Elesa is fairly calm and cool, and unlike a lot pretty girl stereotypes, is fairly smart and kind. Elesa is just one of those girls whose naturally beautiful, and only seems to show any sign of being thrown off after losing.

My Reception: Elesa is probably one of the better Gym Leaders created. Her design, personality, and battle are all pretty strong points for her, and she has rightfully earned her fanbase. Honestly, Elesa makes a better role model then most real life super models. All in all, I'd give her 4 stars out of 5 in Gym Leader quality.

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