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Fairy Types: The Pixie Pokemon

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by , 3rd October 2013 at 07:06 PM (698 Views)
This is just a simple review on the currently revealed Fairy Type Pokemon.

Flebebe: This pokemon is pretty cool, design wise. It's definitely one of the more fairy looking pokemon out of the Fairy Pokemon. Flebebe is an interesting concept, since it brings to mind the fairies from a Mid Summer's Night Dream, or other fairytales. Flebebe also has tons of potential to become something really sleek and elgant in design, possibly being a special sweeper, a special tank, or a great support Pokemon.

Sylveon: Sylveon is the newest Eeveelution. Sylveon is also the first Fairy Type to be introduced this generation. Sylveon is sort of an abstract representation of bonds, being the "Bond" Pokemon. In my eyes, Sylveon's bows represent tight bonds and friendships between Pokemon and People, while the streaming ribbons represent severed bonds, reaching out for somebody to rely on. One of my favorite Eeveelution's right now.

Swirlix: To cute! I originally hated this Pokemon, but it's derpy cuteness just grew on. Swirlix is based off of a pile cotton candy, and it's sweetness even shows in its cute looks. Swirlix has a useful ability called Sweet Veil, which allows it, and it's partners in battle, to be unable to be put asleep. This is probably one of my favorite pokemon of this generation.

Slurpuff: Oh my Gawrd! It's so fluffy I'm going to die! Slurpuff is just as adorable as Swirlix, if not more. Slurpuff's design is simple, but very effective, and I'm guessing that's its going to make a great special tank, similair to Reuniclus and Musharna. I eagerly look forward to using Slurpuff in Pokemon X and Y.

Spritzee: Very Meh... It's design is a little to simple, and it just doesn't look right. It's concept is also a little meh, just being based off of a bottle of perfume.

Aromatisse: Um... Yeah... This is nightmare fuel... Aromatisse is frankly disturbing. It looks like one of those old Furbee toys or whatever. I don't like it's concept very much, and its just really creepy looking.

Dedenne: The Pikachu knock off of this generation. This is probably the worst one yet. It looks to much like Pikachu, and it looks nothing like a fairy. I just hate this one with a burning passion.

Xerneas: The legendary mascot of Pokemon X, and the first legendary Fairy Type Pokemon. Xerneous is probably my new favorite legendary. It's regal but bad ass appearance is captivating, and it definitely represents its theme very well. (In case you haven't noticed, Xerneas represents life while Yvatal represents Death) It's really cool, and I can't wait to see it in action!
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