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Kanon Shirogane

Fairy Pokemon Review: A real game changer?

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As all of you know by now, Pokemon X and Y introduced the first new type since Generation II. This Type is known as the Fairy Type. While met with a mixed review, Fairies will mostly like flip the competitive scene upside down.

Strengths: Fairy Pokemon were created so that Pokemon that had very few weaknesses, could be taken down a little more easily. Their Super Effective against Dragon, Fighting, and Dark Types. All of which were only weak to two types, and were often considered Offensive Gems because of their overall high offensive stats, or in the case of Fighting Types, hit a lot of Pokemon hard with a type advantage. With Fairy Types in play, these Offensive Gems have been knocked down a peg, so to speak. Now Pokemon that could previously sweep your team, such as Hydreigon, Salamence, Mienshao, Terakion, etc. have a harder time at making a full out sweep. Fairy Types, also have the unique advantage of Resisting Bug, Dark, and Fighting Types moves, while being completely immune to Dragon Type moves. With these sheer fundamentals alone, it's enough to potentially send most of the Fairy Types to the OU tiers in Smogon. (But it's too early to know for sure.)

Weaknesses: Much like their strengths, Fairy Types were also made to balance out other types that were considered "Subpar" offensively. In this case, Poison and Steel Type Moves. The former two move types were rarely used, because they lacked proper type coverage of Pokemon Types that were widely used offensively. Such as Poison Types being only effective against Grass Types. (But this is offset by the fact Grass Types are rare defensively, and many of them have typing that offset the weakness, such as Grass/Poison) With Fairies already making it harder to sweep effectively, it'd make sense for those types to become a little more high in demand to deal with the Fairy Types acting as Trump Cards.

Conclusion: Fairy Types, while mixed, weren't mean to simply nerf Dragon Types. They were mean to knock down certain sweepers a peg, along with give other types a time to shine. That's why, in my eyes, Fairy Types will be a welcome change to the Pokemon Franchise.

Coming up: A break down of individual Fairy Pokemon.

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