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Crow Song's Views

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by , 19th April 2012 at 04:54 PM (256 Views)
1. People are by far the most mysterious, most ugly, yet most beautiful creatures to walk this earth.
People are so mysterious, they are so ugly because they are obbsessed with such trivial things such as money, power, vanity. It is absolutely ugly yet humans are capable of beautiful things such as kindness, compassion, and making other people feel happy.

2. Those who can't think, decided, or speak for themselves are no more then mere dolls.
If one can't make there own decisions, can't think there own thoughts, or voice their oppnians. Then what makes them different then a doll who is controlled by a little girl, deciding what they like, what they think, and what they say.

3. In order to obtain something you must pay with something with equal value.
Nothing is truly free. Even when we learn something new we are giving are time and attention to the source we are learning from. Those who pay to much are cheated and those who don't pay enough are cheating the source of which they are trying to obtain. Both leading to harm.

4. One only gets one true wish
One can only get one wish and that is what they truly desire with all there heart.

5. One can only change themselves
If one truly wants to change themselves. They must want to do it for them selves. Not for someone who may be a stranger to a blood relative. No matter how close your blood relationship may be. They are still other people and if choose to change your self for someone else's need. Then your not only lying to your self. You are dooming yourself to inevitably fail.

6. Nothing Ever Happens until you take action
If you simply wait for someone to help you. If you sit there and do nothing. You are only simply setting your self up for heartbreak because everything will remain the same. You yourself must take action in order to change the result. Even the dead can do nothing.

7. Pain can be turned into something positive
Everyone suffers from pain but what someone does with that pain is what separates the strong from the weak. Those who take there pain and use it to give people advice or put it to use in art are turning there pain into something productive that help others deal with there pain in healthy manner.

8. Inflicting your pain on others is never justifiable
When one suffers pain. It is common to make others feel there pain. Those who deal with this way are truly weak and ugly when others can deal with this pain in a much healthier way. This perhaps is one of the most ugly things a person can do.

9. Words are strong and can be chains
There are several chains that bind us. The time that moves us, our bodies, the environment which molds us, and the words we speak. Words can eat away at those who let it. When one says something is going to go a certain way. It is sure to go that way. When you say that you can or can't do something. You are holding yourself to that promise.

10. One must always try there best and yet still understand there own limitations
One who doesn't try there hardest are letting them selves down. Those who are over confident and don't understand there limits are bound to let them selves and others down. When helping someone else. If one doesn't give it there all. Rude would be to lite of a word to use for how senseless this act can be.

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