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Kanon Shirogane

Chardon High Shooting

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Hi im Mokona... Im from Ohio by the Chardon area... On the way to school everyday i pass Chardon High on the bus... My dad used to coach football there and if he did he would of passed up the area where the shooting took place... I have friends who could of easily been hurt or killed... Im shaken to the point that i have tears running down my face and down onto my keyboard as i write this.... I wasn't even directly involved... Please let your thoughts and prayers be with the wounded and fallen and respect for the school where the color red... It was the school's color and people in Ohio are wearing it to mourn the tragic event.

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  1. Phoenix502's Avatar
    a school color for red... when a shooting takes place...

    I'd probably never look at the color red the same way again if i were them.


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