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Kanon Shirogane

Character Review: Whitney

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Overview: Whitney made her debut in Generation II during Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Whitney is a Normal Type specialist, and her Gym Leader tittle is "The Incredibly Pretty Girl". Whitney is the Gym Leader of the Goldenrod City, and is well known for being the first Normal Type Gym Leader, along with her Gym maze being shaped like a Clefairy.

Gameplay: Whitney is the 3rd Gym Leader one faces in Gold, Silver, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver. She specializes in normal types, and her team consists of a Clefariy and Miltank. Whitney's strategy is simple, handicap the foe with either sing or Attract, then go out for an all out sweep. Whitney is well known for giving many players a very difficult time because of her signature Miltank. Miltank knows attract, making it very difficult for Male Pokemon. Once handicapped, Miltank can use its high speed, and decent attack power to stomp you to death. Stomp also has chance of causing flinching, which can make it even harder to react if your Pokemon is already infatuated. It's also little difficult to cripple Miltank, because it holds a Lum Berry. Finally, because of its high HP and high defenses, Miltank can easily tank hits of weaker Pokemon, and then laughs at your attempts by healing up with Milk Drink. All around, a difficult battle, which is probably the best thing about Whitney.

Concept: Whitney is that girly tom boy who likes cute Pokemon... In a way, she's your typical cutesy girl. According to game dialogue, Whitney was given the role of Gym Leader by the Pokemon League because of her natural and raw talent at battling. Design Wise, Whitney is fairly simple, and doesn't have anything that makes her real notable, which is okay I guess if you take into consideration her Type specialty. Personality wise, Whitney is your typical girly tom boy. Being simple minded, and doing what ever she wants. Even going as far to leave the Gym unattended while she tried to win a Radio Card at the Radio Tower. She even goes as far to burst into tears when you beat her, and will nearly completely forget about giving you your badge.

My Reception: Whitney is a decent battler, but that's probably all she has going for her. In my opinion, Whitney is fairly annoying, simply becoming a Gym Leader because she had a little bit of skill. Otherwise, she's your pretty typical moe (Character thats just their for their cute looks) character that's been thrown into the Pokemon world. I honestly find Whitney annoying and childish, and possibly one of the worse Gym Leaders introduced.

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  1. Jolene's Avatar
    I always suspected Whitney did some stuff to become Gym Leader. If you know what I mean...

    She reminds of of those ditzy chicks who get by simply on their looks, and I am disappointed that she is leader of the 3rd largest city in the Pokemon world.
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    Which was the first till 2 years ago...

    Still, I can be called a Whitney fanboy, though I try not to show it that much here :))
    Those Miltanks of her are still a pain to beat. but I give her 5 to 5!
  3. Kanon Shirogane's Avatar
    That crazy Miltank is probably her redeeming quality.
  4. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
  5. L.L.'s Avatar
    Am I the only one who owned Miltank on the first try in both my HG playthroughs?
  6. Pokémon Master Ash's Avatar
    [QUOTE=L.L.;bt285747]Am I the only one who owned Miltank on the first try in both my HG playthroughs?[/QUOTE]
    I owned it on my first try in HG, but in S as a kid, it K.O.'ed my Quilava and company twice before I finally took her down. XD.


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