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Best and Worst pokemon: Ghost Edition

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Hi im M Rose. I saw several blogs giving oppinans on what they think is the best pokemon in a certain type. So here he is my first review

Okay heres my first post. First up, my fav type, Ghost. The ghost type had has had its ups and downs. What really upsets me is the fact that there are fewer ghost pokemon then any other type. None of the less there are some rather useful ghost pokemon,

Best: Chandelure Line

Okay there are some good ghost pokemon such as the original Gengar or the Physical Wall Dusknoir or the Offensive Golurk, You see before the 5th generation. The tittle of highest special attack was held by both Alakazam and Porygon-Z. But then Chandelure came to play. Its high special Attack plus decent defenses makes it a good choice in battle, its not the fastest pokemon but it isn't the slowest thing around. It has a broad move pool and it looks absolutely awesome.

Worst: Sableye
Sableye is the first pokemon without a weakness... well that was the only thing going for it. Mediocre attack and defenses plus lack luster move pool and appearence. It makes me appalled that a pokemon like this could be a ghost type.

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  1. Winterdaze's Avatar
    Prankster Sableye is insanely useful, better than Drifblim by a country mile.

    Despite that massive Special Attack, Chandelure isn't all that great, certainly not in the same league as Gengar (though it looks way cooler).
  2. Space Opera's Avatar
    A choice between a hugely overrated Pokémon that people are starting to realise is pretty bad or a Pokémon that's been overlooked by the majority of people? I'll go with Sableye - it's great.
  3. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    Chandelure has Shadow Tag as a hidden ability, which will really make him beast, so choose your Pokemon wisely, folks, or you will never switch them back when dealing with this ghost. Sableye needs an evolution, for even with Prankster, it still doesn't have a chance against the big boys. So really, those prefer it over Chandelure must've really hate Smogon.
  4. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    @M Rose

    Assuming that you are talking about battling here, I would like to point out that Gengar >> Chandelure. I love Chandelure but 145 spatk doesn't mean jackshit if you have to rely on choice scarf to out speed stuff and are weak to stealth rock and have just passable defenses. Chandelure is actually UU right now. Shadow Tag hasn't been released, so we can't debate on that.

    Sableye is insane, Weak defenses or not, Sableye can easily wreck unprepared teams with prankster which has now been released.
    Banette or Drifblim are far worse than Sableye.


    The roles of Sableye and Chandelure are different. They can't even be compared. Chandelure is a sweeper and pretty flawed at that. Sableye is a defensive pivot and fantastic in that regard. I prefer Sableye over Chandy and that doesn't mean I hate smogon.
    Updated 25th October 2011 at 04:32 AM by Lord Clowncrete
  5. Pyradox's Avatar
    Mm. Gengar is better than Chandelure.

    But can anyone honestly say that the first Pokémon without a weakness is better than some crappy hot-air balloon thing? Sure, Sableye's not brilliant, but it's a million times better than Drifblim.


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