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The Lair of the Unlynchable

Super Effective: Rock Type

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Well, how about another?

Favorite Rock Type

Oh right, we have the fossil pokémon here... And I'm supposed to have a favorite? Oh boy.
I like Lunatone, because it seems cool, and it has that lunar thing going on. I've never played any of the Hoenn games(and unless a remake happens, I most likely never will), but this guy just sticks out to me. I like him. End of story.

Least Favorite Rock Type

Out of all the rock-type pokémon, these... Just don't work for they. They don't make sense, they're annoying, and not worth obtaining, in my opinion.

Well, that wraps up another day's episode! Come back next time, when I might have up another.

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  1. Mayfly's Avatar
    Terrakion is better in my opinion. ^_^;

    Oh, by the way, I highly recommend the Hoenn games. They have great music and a fun story.


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