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Lost my Black :(

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I just realised today that I must've lost my copy of Black somewhere outside our house. It is really saddening to see all my efforts just flush down the drain like that. All those countless hours of trading for events, RNGing shinies, and just simply playing... Aside from that, this game has a sentimental value to me. It was the game where I learned to RNG and where my interest for RNG was fuelled. I still have numerous uncloned events in that game. I really hope and pray that I will still be able to find it.

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  1. White Crow's Avatar
    I feel ya bro.. I recently realised I lost my TLOZ: A link between worlds, dunno if I lost it in my house or when I went somewhere..
    I know it's not the same 'cause Pokémon always takes a lot of effort and the long you play, deeper the love for all you 'mons.. I too hope you can find it soon and it's undamaged, even more now that the wifi will shut down and trading won't be possible anymore.
  2. Lysson's Avatar
    Aw man that really sucks! I lost my Emerald a few months ago but thankfully transferred all my Pokemon, I think it went up the hoover without me knowing. But it didn't hold sentimental value, just money value really as I'll have to buy another, if I ever find one.

    But that is really awful, I'd be heartbroken if I lost my 3DS with my Y in it because then all my Pokemon would be lost. As Y contains all my valuable Pokemon and Bank contains my backups. Hopefully you'll find it though! If not what event Pokemon did you have? I could try and get some Pokemon cloned on my Y in some clone shops here and I could let you have one of each that you've lost if I have it? I've never RNGed but I really want to so I could get some perfect legendaries and Dream Radar Pokemon. Good luck!


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