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Finally! Events

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by , 18th November 2013 at 08:03 AM (299 Views)
I live in the Philippines, and for a really long time, the only way I can get events is trading online and waiting for WIFI events. Last weekend, the Philippines finally got it's own local event, the Movie Mewtwo with hidden ability. I was not around so I asked my brother to get it for me. I have not received it from the delivery man yet though since I'm trying to RNG it to be flawless. The only problem is that I've been searching for a seed for 7 hours already and nothing is coming up. Really glad that they finally give out events here and hopefully, they continue to do so in the future.

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    Yeah, i know that bro.... Im filipino too, but im currenty living here in Italy, where events are normal... I always drive at least 5-7 kms to get event related pokémons, like the shiny trio of generation 4 in b,w,b2 and w2.. Hope they continue the events.... Greetings and mabuhay,!


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