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Du Sundavar Freohr

Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge Part One

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Hello all, and welcome to what most likely will be a travesty beyond measure. My rules are as follows...
1) Any pokemon that faints is considered dead and must be BOXED!
2) You may catch the first pokemon you see upon entering a route or city, nothing more. If you kill it, tough poop.
3) A pokemon that faints outside of battle (i.e. poisoning) is given a second chance.
4) Only a pokemon center may be used for healing, nothing else.

I complete a bunch of stupid stuff, including setting the clock that runs the world, before I reach the decision. Which starter... hmmm. TORCHICZ!!!11!!! aHEM
Torchic is chosen and completely destroys the "evil beast" that chases around the professor.
Abigail: Female, level five, sassy.
I don't catch anything else until I reach the petalburg woods, where Abigail is level 13 I encounter a slakoth. I NEED IT!!!
Slakoth: Applesauce, level five, male, impish.
When I reach Rustboro, it's time for some grinding. I destroy all the wild pokemanz and defeat all the trainers except a bug trainer. I send out Applesauce to train.
Poison sting! Applesauce was poisoned. NOOOOOO!
I get out of the battle and sprint to the pokemon center, whereupon Applesauce faints.
Applesauce: Second poison chances: NONE

Next episode: Whismur joins the team, and the first gym is beaten.

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  1. Pandantic's Avatar
    good luck with your nuzlocke! I hope Applesauce stays on the team, I like the name.
  2. Du Sundavar Freohr's Avatar
    He shall, unless he falls for poison again. I always get poisoned T_T
  3. Pandantic's Avatar
    ha, me too.


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