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  1. My Top 5 Fav Pokemon Games!

    Hello Everybody! Today, I'm going to tell you all my 5 fav Pokemon games. Remember, This is all based on my own opinion. There is no need to troll here. You can, however tell me your favs. Now without further ado, My Top 5 Fav Pokemon Games.

    NUMBER 5!

    THE TOPs!
  2. I've been gone for a while.

    I'm pretty sure no one really noticed I was gone before. I was a little buzy since its close to the summer and the teachers are nailing you with more hard work. I'm might have more time to spend on the fourms now.
    I might have to leave again sometime in the summer again. But I'm still gonna have time.
  3. RaccoonBlockBlogs Ep.1 Pokemon:My view

    Hello People and welcome to my first blog. On todays episode I'm going to start off with my view on pokemon.
    Now, most people consider it a kids game but I never think of it like that. Its a game that takes lots of skill and patience in order to get stronger and better. I hate it that some of my friends actually have to pretend they don't like pokemon in front of other people just because they got beaten up because of it. I can't believe that people would actually beat someone up ...