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What a week.

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Back from Sandy. I got power two days ago, but my internet is wonky. I'm using my dad's wifi right now. It's slow but it works. And I'm not supposed to get stable internet and cable until Sunday so this should suffice until then.

OK, so I didn't freeze. Having experience from Irene last year, it really was a lot easier this time. Also my mom finally got my dad to buy a generator to keep the food cold and charge up the electronics, which was a plus. I feel bad for some of my friends though who don't have power. We got snow yesterday and it was 33 degrees this morning. Most of 'em are staying at others' houses.

And the election is done. I honestly expected a narrower margin of victory for Obama, but oh well. I'm a terrible prophet anyway. And just as expected, my school erupted into war. All of the Obama kids were gloating as much as possible and the Romney kids were fighting back just as hard. One of my friends actually gave orders to people to "rhino" the gloaters. Which means to knee a person in their rear end. It worked out pretty well because I was getting sick of the whole bragging thing. Although about half of my friends were yelling at each other about the election when everyone literally stopped and started gushing over the snow outside the cafeteria.

On the plus side, barely any homework this week.

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