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Newbie Mafia Accepting Sign-ups!

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Have you ever wanted to learn to play Mafia games?

If so, now is a perfect opportunity.
I’m hosting a game intended to teach the basics. Two experienced mafia players will be playing to guide the flow of the game and teach you basic playing strategies, and two more experienced players will not play, but will be there to answer any questions and advise you.

In addition, some simple roles (both common and rarer) will be in the game, to give you a feel for the kind of variety that is in normal games. The setting will also be easier to work with because (hopefully) most of the players will also be new.

You can sign up here:
Please be sure to read the first post carefully before doing so. There will be 7 total spots available.

I hope you’ll consider joining, and thank you for your time!

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  1. MegaCharr's Avatar
    I really like the idea alot...

    There are people like me who see all these mafia threads and not sure what they are...

    I would join and all since I have no experience at mafia but I tend to suck really badly at strategy games.....Sorry,The Pokemon games says so.


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