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  1. Newbie Mafia Accepting Sign-ups!

    Have you ever wanted to learn to play Mafia games?

    If so, now is a perfect opportunity.
    I’m hosting a game intended to teach the basics. Two experienced mafia players will be playing to guide the flow of the game and teach you basic playing strategies, and two more experienced players will not play, but will be there to answer any questions and advise you.

    In addition, some simple roles (both common and rarer) will be in the game, to give you a feel for the ...
  2. Bandwagon thing

  3. Happy New Year!!

    To everyone I know, Happy New Year! I hope that this year is prosperous and better than last year ;P
    Shout-outs to:
    @Shiny Celebi
    @Blue Exorcist
    @farewell, friend
    @Kakuna Matata
    @Zia ...
  4. lies.

    "You promised only lies" -Metallica

    You have lied to me so many times.
    There is no escape for you, no going back.
    Yet you denied it still.
    I don't care anymore.

    All I want now...

    the truth.
    fix this mess.
    quit denying it.

    But I can't believe a word you say...

    ...am I just living in one big lie...?

    ...all the meaning is gone...
  5. Today in strangeness...

    I may not know what other people think, but here is what I think. Correct me if I'm weird xD.

    Fact: I am a girl.

    More interesting fact: Today, I was mistaken for a guy. Twice. Within 10 minutes of each incident.

    Granted, it IS the internet. But, when I take the time to update my 'About Me' tab, just so I'm not mistaken for a guy...*shrugs, then facepalms*

    Nine days and counting...

    ...until my sanity returns. (AKA: ...