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It was the summer of 2012...

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Well now that the string of August events I had on my list are over, this feels like a good time to report back to this glorious community of complete strangers that graciously take a break from complaining about all the things rung with Pokémon (Sorry if I sound bitter, but I'm an anime fan!) and support the bloggers of the internet.

The Olympics were great, can't say I actually cared about them until they started. I was more interested in 'London 2012' then the actual Olympics. I watched the opening and closing ceremonies from start to finish, watched loads of the events and I even spent a lot of time playing Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games.

So my friend, Alex, came to stay at my house for a full two weeks for my birthday celebrations. We sat around over the weekend doing absolutely nothing but by my birthday on the 7th of August we never sat down. That Tuesday we went out to the Real China, Chinese buffet. Me, Alex, my brother, Sister, Mum, step Dad, Auntie Mel and her sister Migella (Irish name), Uncle Stuart and Baby Harry all had a great meal out. It had seemed I'd gone the whole night without doing something stupid until I picked up a small pot of mango moose. It was in a small plastic cup, smaller than a shot glass, I asked "How am I supposed to get this out?" and my brother suggested I squeezed it out. I'd think he expected me to turn the pot over my bowl of ice cream, I didn't, I actually squeezed it between my finger and thumb while holding it in front of me. SPLAT! It exploded all over me! This was a good time to leave.

I had been to the cinema with Alex twice, to see Seth Green's Ted and Pixar’s Brave, and Thorpe Park with him, my brother and sister, before my massive 18th birthday party on the Saturday. I don't know about the rest of the world but in England there is a big thing nowadays about your first legal drink. I always preach that "Your alcohol intake does not equate to your age or manhood", I was saying that in the run up to my party, I was saying it during the part, and I'm still saying it now. However, I was hammered, every time someone offered me a drink or told me to try something, I did. I gave in to peer pressure all night! I even did a line of thirteen shots, one of every flavour they had. I know what your supposed to do is knock them back really quickly, I wasn't gonna do that, I had my new shirt on. I picked them up one by one and I carefully sipped them, making sure I spilt nothing. Afterwards, I ran to the bathroom, everyone thought I was dying in there but I was just washing my hands. The next morning, I don't know if I had a hangover or not, I felt a bit funny but I wasn't sick or anything, I was pretty determined not to be the same as you see on TV so I was gung ho trying to get everyone to do stuff, but I think they just wanted to sleep.

My Ucas tariff came up a bit short, long story short, after discussing it with just about everyone, I decided to do a third year at college.

Last Friday saw my Cousin Jodie's wedding, growing up she was practically my big sister, in a family like ours its hard not to be so close. That morning, getting ready at my Grandma's, I was full of beans. So excited, I woke up at eight o'clock. Well I got ready right as rain but my Grandma of course came down stairs "I hate this outfit" she said, never likes the outfit she buys for weddings. Granddad came down stairs "I hate this suit" he said. I'll now start writing in script format to convey the comedy of the situation.

Granddad: How'd you tie this cravat, Rosie?
Grandma: I don't bloody know. Carol will do it for you when she's here.

Carol is my Grandma's sister, her and her husband Ray live in Leeds and was stopping at Grandma's before they went to the wedding venue. You see my Uncle Ray has a BMW so whenever there is a wedding we dress it up in ribbons and he drives the bride to the ceremony, my Granddad was giving Jodie away so he also had to pick him up.

Me: I forgot NY cufflinks Grandma
Grandma: Your Grandad'll have some spare
Granddad: Take your pick

My Grandma spied the cufflinks that Granddad had picked for himself; they were little white ovals with a golden outline. One had a smiley face on it and the other had a sad face.

Grandma: Oh, God, look at them!
Granddad: One for a wedding, one for a funeral.
Me: You know something we don't know?
Grandma: You're not wearing those, are ya?
Granddad: Yeah. No one'll see 'em. Unless I pass out.

Out of interest, what are your first impressions of my Grandparents?

Later on after my Uncle Ray and Granddad left, the four of us were about to leave.

Grandma: Right Mike, are we gonna get going?

(My father and his father are both called Michael)

Dad: Let me finish my sandwich.
Grandma: BLOODY HELL! IF YOU GET BACON ALL OVER THAT SUIT I'LL KILL YA. I offered you a sandwich before you got dressed!
Auntie Carol: Oh, Rosie calm down. We're going now.

In the car...

Grandma: What time is it?
Dad: 10 to 2.
Grandma: We need to be there for 2!
Dad: I thought it were at half 2?
Grandma: If we're late Michael...

She was interrupted by Carol's phone, which she put on loud speaker.

Uncle Ray: There's been a road diversion; we can't find our way to the hotel.

By this point my Grandma was pretty hysterical.

Dad: Don't worry mum, if Jodie's late it takes the pressure of us.
Carol: Tom, ring your Auntie Karen and get the number for the hotel.

Auntie Karen is Jodie's mother and my dad's sister.

Me: She's not answering.
Grandma: She never answers her phone, that girl. Both my kids never answer their phone Carol.
Dad: Go on the internet with ya phone Tom and find the number for the hotel.
Me: Got it
Carol: I'll ring Ray then

To make matters worse Uncle Ray wasn't answering the phone, I'm not sure how they found Jodie in the end, but don't threat, they did.

We finally arrived at the venue and nothing went wrong after that. Well Dad almost ran Grandma over, but after that the wedding went just as planned. I'll perhaps tell you all more when we get the photos.

As always, thank you for reading and fuelling by massive ego, until next time, good bye.

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