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SSB4 Character roster suggestions: 1

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Yeah, I am doing this. Having wanted to do this for quite some time; I am going to be posting who I'd like to see in the 4th Smash Brothers game and explaining how they will work. Here we go!

Prince Fluff

In conjunction with Chuggaaconroy starting Let's Play 20; here he is. Not only in Prince Fluff super cute; his design would make him unique in Smash Brothers the same way that Mr. Game & Watch is.

Let's talk moveset:

Standard moves

Not at all unlike Kirby's.


The Yarn. Imagine being able to hold on to your opponent and walk around with them! Briefly of course; 2 seconds? They can then be thrown and will act as projectiles themselves if they hit another enemy. This could also be done in co-op; with the partner not being hurt.

Side Special

Car. Fluff would just take the form of a car and smash into people, just like Wario's bike.

Up Special

Spring and Parachute. Fluff simply springs up like DeDeDe. He then floats down as a Parachute, damaging people who touch him from above.

Down Special

Weight. Just like Kirby's.

Final Smash

Tank. It can hover, fire rockets; not to different to the land master really.

On top of all that the Yarn gives him long distance grab and teather recovary. His main downside is, he will be a very light character.

I'm going to get myself going with a few more characters tonight while I have the spare time. I actual did get in to uni, I should probaly blog about that sometime.

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    Prince Fluff is a solid choice, but the only thing that stops him is the character limit for SSB4, which is 45-47 due to Sakurai's 10 digit pattern on the past rosters (64: [B]1[/B]2, Melee: [B]2[/B]5, Brawl: [B]3[/B]5).


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