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  1. An update on the magical happening that is my life.

    Back on the blogging scene today, it’s been a while, so I thought I would pretentiously tell you all what's been going on as of late.

    So I finished college and all my exams. I'm now enduring a painful wait till August where I will be receiving those all-important A-level results. Providing I get the grades, which are not too high, straight Cs, I will be attending the university of Portsmouth to study English and Creative writing. You can expect my first book in stalls in about 5 ...

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  2. Alex Day can fall into a deep fat fryer!

    Whilst browsing I came across a video where a young man sings about Pokémon, the song is called Pokémon, What happened to you?

    While the original games were great, he belittles Pokémon’s progression in the song, he also has songs doing the same for both Mario and Sonic.

    This has ignited a strong rage in me for all people who say things like "There are only 151 Pokémon, the others are lies!"- that really pississ me off! Smug twats like that who seem ...

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  3. I'm counting down my favourites. In 10th place...


    Milotic really lives up to its name as the most beautiful Pokémon. Despite being more of a defensive Pokémon, it also has high Special Attack, making it a highly useable Pokémon, not that I've ever had a chance to use one but I'd love to.

    I've always enjoyed Milotic in the anime as well, the way it sparkles and shines constantly and how it gracefully flies through the air and floats. ...

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  4. Just thourght I'd give you an update...

    Hello and welcome to my 3rd blog post, haven't done one of these in a while have I, how exciting.

    Well if you read my previous blog entries and/or are British, you'd probably guess that I have just been watching Miranda. We watched all 6 episodes of season two, yes 3 hours of Miranda, my step dad left to go to bed before the end of the last episode and me and my mum would have also retired straight afterwards but to our delight, a 7th episode began: The Christmas special! We surprised ...

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  5. Great British Comedy

    Does it make me look over excitable two posts to blog entries in the space of 4 hours?

    In-between now and my last entry I have watched 3 more episodes of Miranda and am now watching Gavin & Stacey, British comedy series about a guy from Essex who falls in love with a girl from Whales, and I thought "I really want to post another blog entry" so I decided I would, and I'd talk about British comedy which your probably not familiar with unless your British.


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