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  1. Too young for love

    Well, seriously I am 18 years old and nursing a broken heart.

    It's acceptable to fancy someone; be attracted to them but 'Love' is such a strong word. Does anyone think I'm being silly?

    I know I am in love. Everything I was ever taught about the feeling of love is present. Nobody is perfect; that is like one of the most obvious laws of humanity. Love is seeing someone imperfect and seeing them perfectly. I am aware of her flaws but I can't fault them and re-figure ...
  2. SSB4 Character roster suggestions: 2


    Let's talk moveset:

    Standard moves

    Nothing special here, though more powerful in Pirouette Forme .


    Aria Forme: Psyshock. Practically Mewtwo's Shadow Ball or Lucario's Aura Sphere.

    Pirouette Forme: Focus Blast. The same move essentially but it manages a shorter distance while being a bit larger.

    Side Special

    U-turn. Meloetta ...
  3. SSB4 Character roster suggestions: 1

    Yeah, I am doing this. Having wanted to do this for quite some time; I am going to be posting who I'd like to see in the 4th Smash Brothers game and explaining how they will work. Here we go!

    Prince Fluff

    In conjunction with Chuggaaconroy starting Let's Play 20; here he is. Not only in Prince Fluff super cute; his design would make him unique in Smash Brothers the same way that Mr. Game & Watch is.

    Let's ...
  4. It was the summer of 2012...

    Well now that the string of August events I had on my list are over, this feels like a good time to report back to this glorious community of complete strangers that graciously take a break from complaining about all the things rung with Pokémon (Sorry if I sound bitter, but I'm an anime fan!) and support the bloggers of the internet.

    The Olympics were great, can't say I actually cared about them until they started. I was more interested in 'London 2012' then the actual Olympics. ...

    Updated 30th August 2012 at 07:44 PM by L-05308

  5. Best AMV ever!

    Gosh I love Cilan <3

    Go to this guy's Youtube account and subscribe, he hasn't many, but if he had more subscribers he would do more of these!
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