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The Winter's Tale

Merch madness

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You know what would be really great? A fuzzy hot-water bottle cover shaped like a Typhlosion, it would be the coziest thing on a cold winter's day. Or a pen that looks like Mami Tomoe, with a removable cap shaped like her head. I also had a dream where I had this Samurott figurine which had a USB stick in its sword, which you could plug in by removing the tip.

I need those things in my life, and they don't even exist ._.

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Updated 28th February 2013 at 06:36 PM by Winterdaze



  1. OceanicWildfire's Avatar
    *Agrees so much, she looks into a degree in USB designing*
  2. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
    Pokemon needs to give you a product design job! though the pen idea is a bit creepy that you would have to "decapitate" the character to use the pen but i think ideas like that is what pokemon needs to get more merchandise to sell especially in the US
  3. CrackFox's Avatar
    Try asking someone on Etsy to make you one. They'll do it if you pay em enough.


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