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The Winter's Tale

Internet Phantom Limb Syndrome

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Having no internet sucks. That much is fact. But curiously enough I have noticed that sometimes it feels like I never lost it, only to realise I'm still without a connection.
I'm finding myself browsing tumblr in my sleep. Google maps seems to project shortcuts along the backroads staight into my head, and they work some of the time! Occasionally I'll be sitting under a tree and sound of the rustling leaves will rearrange itself into irate people complaining about Iris. In a way, it's like the internet never left.

In other news I've recently befriended this enormous turkey after it started scavanging my breakfast cereal off the front lawn. Seriously this bird is like the Orson Welles of turkeys. I'm trying to think up a name, and I might go with Luna, since she's roughly the size of the moon. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    Name it Tippi, after the lead actress from The Birds.
  2. garrison-san's Avatar
    How adorable! If she's truly the Orson Welles of turkeys, then I'd suggest calling her Rosebud. Or Frozen Peas.


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