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The Winter's Tale

Exit, pursued by a Beartic.

  1. I have been here for three years now

    I still remember the early days of joining in a haze of February sun, temporary homelessness and Rebecca Black's "Friday". All I can say is, I have certainly aged by three years and posted on this Pokemon forum in the interim of that period.

    I was going to do a big mention spam thing but I cbf, so I'll just give a shout out to two special people who have been a part of my life here since the very beginning.

    @garrison-san and Contrary ...
  2. Have A Holidays

    As you know it is better to give than to receive, so today I'll be handing out presents to anyone who asks for them. Not gonna lie, I've got some quality stuff here so you might want to get in quick if you don't want to miss out.

    [Disclaimer: Gifts are not returnable, the recipient accepts all responsibility for injury, property damage or copyright infringements]

    May It Be Christmas, and Have A Holidays everyone!
  3. I scry with my little eye

    After carefully considering the feedback from of my last blog, I've decided that quality is overrated and I'll be going back to the same old shit. After all, somebody has to make fake Rolexes for the real ones to look good.

    Today the fortune telling service is back in business once again, this time I'll be using crystal gazing to divine your fates. Simply tell me your star sign, and I'll use my trusty imgur roulette crystal ball to conjure images of the future, and what it all means. ...
  4. who writes this crap

    I looked back over my blog for the first time in ages today and wow it's rubbish.

    Like have you ever been to a cheap motel and there's this grainy old TV with three channels and one of them is just infomercials and reruns of low budget 80's sci-fi dramas.

    That's this blog.

    So that's why I'm turning to you, the pitiful consumer, in an attempt to inject some quality into this blog's anaemic smack-ridden veins.

    What do you think I should ...
  5. PSA on Pokemon: The Origin


    Pokemon: The Origin is not an adaptation of the Pokemon special manga

    Red from Pokemon: the Origin is not Red from the Pokemon special manga

    Dare to make that mistake, and...I'll get kind of annoyed, or something.
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