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Star-Spangled Banner badly translated.

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by , 15th November 2012 at 05:57 AM (316 Views)
Says you can find the O Dawn's early light.
We welcome bright and proudly the last mystery is greatly appreciated.
A dangerous battle of its broad stripes and bright stars
O 3 streaming or er gs we saw the wall of Kai Kai
Air bombs, rockets red glare light burst
Japan is still accept the night flag.
Star-Spangled Banner yet wave and o
Courageous free home and land O '-er?

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  1. Pokemon Trainer Calvin's Avatar
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    Yep, that's blind idiot translation for ya.
  2. John Understands's Avatar
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    What the fuck? horrible translation.

    What was this even translated from? Chinese? Japanese?
  3. Glitchitar's Avatar
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    Ala Translation Party.
  4. Fathom778's Avatar
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    ......WHAT THE F***!


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