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for the fleeting moment.

Retail therapy.

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Why do people feel better when they buy things?
I bought an eshop card for my 3DS.

I probably shouldn't have.

After playing the demo, I decided I really liked Taiko no Tatsujin - Don to Katsu no Jikuu Daibouken.
It's so charming and cute.
I was also surprised that, even without furigana, I was able to understand 60-75% of what was written. Impressive.

Though I wish I'd stop playing, and start studying more.
I'm dying to import Vita games.

I'm at that odd place now, where I can't play kana-heavy games, nor can I play adult games.
Kana is really annoying, by the way, especially when used in over-abundance.
I feel bad for non-English speakers who are trying to learn Japanese, because Japanese people sure like to employ a lot of English words, in-spite of having perfectly-viable Japanese words.

Obviously, I can't play adult games because they have too much kanji, and while I take no issue with that, I just don't have the repertoire for it yet.
I can't wait until I do, though.

What I need is an adult-oriented kanji-heavy game with furigana.
Not happening, I know.

Any way, I came back from shopping with my husband earlier. I'm quite please with what I bought.

I avoided the temptation of buying that organic raw vegan (yes, I must be that specific) mint chocolate I like, partly because of calories (192 kcal per yummy package), but mostly because I'm still nauseous from that binge earlier.

I was so happy to find that Whole Foods is now carrying Wildbrine; they even have more varieties than Hoover's Market (FOUR), and it's cheaper, too.
Whole Foods-- cheaper?
Surprising, I know.

Naturally, I bought the regular Korean kimchi variety I always get, and three sauerkraut I've never tried before (I'm really excited about the cauliflower curry one, tbh).
I absolutely love raw fermented vegetables.
I love my personal colony of intestinal bacteria :3

I did end up picking up two blocks of flax tempeh at Hoover's Market.
At least it was still on sale.

I've also decided that I will make an accountability thread on MPA, starting tomorrow.
I've made a list of all the things I can eat in the house, with serving sizes and caloric amounts.
Next, I need to devise meal-plans.
I'll do that soon, inshAllah.

Now I have to some cleaning to do.
...And some retail eshop therapy c:

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