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posts pertaining to eating disorders.

  1. Retail therapy.

    Why do people feel better when they buy things?
    I bought an eshop card for my 3DS.

    I probably shouldn't have.

    After playing the demo, I decided I really liked Taiko no Tatsujin - Don to Katsu no Jikuu Daibouken.
    It's so charming and cute.
    I was also surprised that, even without furigana, I was able to understand 60-75% of what was written. Impressive.

    Though I wish I'd stop playing, and start studying more.
    I'm dying to ...
    Nintendo , Japanese , #thoughts , ED.
  2. Trigger warning.

    I'm putting a trigger warning on the following entry. If you have an ED, and/or a messed up image of yourself, I recommend you don't read it.
    Once again, trigger warning.

    I need to rant.

    Well, f**k me.
    F**k me, f**k me, f**k me.

    I just cannot believe that on the second day of restriction I binged.
    Now I feel physically nauseous and sick. I really wish I could throw-up, but I'm not bulimic and ...
    #thoughts , ED.
  3. These words, taking up space.

    (Sorry, couldn't think of a title, lmao.)

    I've been thinking. I do that a lot, actually. Always, always thinking.
    I've been wondering, I've been wanting, but I've not been sure as to the best course of action.

    Where do you go online for support?

    I've been considering my options, but none of them seem too good. I want to share my experiences and feelings with others who understand my position and what it entails, but what avenue would be best for ...
    #thoughts , ED.
  4. "She Doesn't Need To See The Menu"

    I ran into this on tumblr, some time ago. I think it's so absolutely beautiful, so I would like to share it. Credits are at the bottom.


    1. I am watching you get sick. The whites of your eyes are becoming yellow yolks; cheeks hang like grocery bags. You make diets of day planners. No time to eat with a stuffed calendar. Live off scheduled glamour. Meals are powdered hot chocolate packets. No marshmallows; just water. Breakfast is plain oatmeal. No milk; flavored ...
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