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These dreams won't make any sence

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And they are backhandedly apocalyptic.

It started off at my house, while my mom was having a couple of friends over and we were all waiting for something. Some of my mom's friends bought over their children and we were all toddler sized teens. We were in my room, which shrunk and was actually clean for once.
After a while of something that has to do with a black corded phone we weren't toddlers anymore than we were 6th graders. We walked across the street to the school yard where a lot of people were rushing to get on half or mini buses, whatever you call them. I walked up to the front and asked a woman wearing neon plastic about something (I couldn't hear myself).

Next segment, I'm on a bus and the driver is wearing ACU and two people behind me are wearing ABU with green hats. (Not a hotdog hat,).
One of the ABU people throws a package to the front of the bus which I can't resist to stand up and get. The ACU driver (הצבא*נהג)has to tell me repeatedly to sit down, but I still go to the seat with the package. I hold the package in my hand, but I have to throw it the the other ABU guy and retreat to my original seat because the new one is squeezing the air out of my lungs. (It really was, don't question the bus seats).
I expected the ACU driver to get pissed, but instead he laughs about something.
During all this he's driving through the jungle, and there's three other people on the bus and one of the is in a Class A uniform with bushy hair and making driving noises while sitting sideways in her seat and playing a video game.

Then I woke up and took a shower.

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  1. Der_Neuevenmenschen's Avatar
    How did you do that?
  2. 137.RADIO's Avatar
    I had to go to google translator and use their on-screen key board, then I copied and pasted.


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