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Canary in a Dark Cave


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There may be a few too many S's in there... or maybe it's the c...

Gaara Sword asked for a timid male deino with sp atk and speed, and I finally managed to hatch one! For the first few phases until I switched the parents, I kept getting timid females and wrong natured males. All I could think was "don't be so shy and come and help mommy beat an inferior complex into one of your brothers."
Well, I got one without having to gang up on the baby.
I'm calling it an AllMark Deino in my EV training records since I don't know if he wants it to be nicknamed or not...
I started ev training yesterday in speed with switching out on liepards (one liepard actually...) then heading over to a cave of woobats. I managed to finish until my mom dictated I go to sleep, but I'm awake now... kind of.

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