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Powers of an Operator

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I used to be an operater on a classic minecraft server, until my brothers got the computer taken away, and every time I went on this same kid would keep begging me to promote him, but no, the admin said the admin did promote stuff, besides I was too busy with stalking greifers and figuring out who to ban and who to ip ban.
We almost got an SMP up, but I never got to see the smp in full swing. I was around while the admin was using me as a test chicken for the spawn points, hostile mobs, etc. There a few people on there, but then computer went bye bai and the server was closed when I was able to get on the internet a couple months later.
It was kind of cool being an operator. I'd float around building my house keeping an eye on the what the guests were spewing up, then bang! /ban so and so
/ban greifer number one
/ip ban clone
/ip ban robot


then the building commands... but I forgot those.

Has anyone else been a minecraft OP, Mod, Admin, etc? Doesn't have to be minecraft.

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