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Ah! My Head!

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I finished writing a 25 question test in a couple of days when I had two weeks to finish the sucker, but I really really wanted to start a trade shop. So I did. And now I am up way past my bed time, but it's kind of like when I stay up this late to go to work, so school will be my work, and when I sleep will be my nap until I go to work, but I'm using my brain instead of my arms... that might be a problem.

I feel like my spine has cracked into a million tiny pieces... Something me and my brother do is walk/ run/ sprint up and down the house for no apparent reason, (I don't know about my brother but I don't even realize I've been pacing the hallways for the past ten minutes until... something...) except today, my brother was doing it on roller blades. I went downstairs to get pencils for the rough draft of my test and a monster math packet when I almost got to the corner until I was slammed into the wall behind me. My whole skeleton shook and buzzed like an old television full of static that has just been turned on. I couldn't get up right away, I would have loved to just walk away but my bones are worse than usual. I had a lump on my left eyebrow that's starting to become a bruise and every time I move my spine (sitting up then sitting back) it hurts, but not the kind of pain I complain about. Anyways, I don't think it's a concussion, I suffered through my usual headache and then it's just the spine thing.

I need to update my shop real quick, then hit the nonexistent hay. I have a psuedo egg give away with surprise egg move starters inside, I wanted to start on New year, but I knew I would need the two days before school starts for my school work.
Oh, and I've been trying to get my fan fiction down into words. When I've got some free time after lioncub's eevee/espeon project I'll post it up in the Writer's Workshop. I started out on this forum on Fan Fiction... didn't turn out to well be cause I rushed myself. I need to write five chapters into the story to make sure it works then post them up a few days apart while I crank out the next parts.

Anyways... toodaloo

(Ralts in white dresses with green satin sashes, Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, Silver white winters that melt into springs, These are a few of my favorite things)

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  1. Neosquid's Avatar
    Ouch, that sucks. D:
  2. ~Aeon's Avatar
    you got work over break? your teachers suck (sorry if you're on BGMF, which i highly doubt)


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