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Canary in a Dark Cave

  1. It goes like this

    Every time we come into work early it takes longer than if we were to stroll in past midnight. We ate tacos while waiting for the truck and when the sun had set and my mom had to get the second van so I stayed at the Plant and since Phil left (the only adult there) the two guys and I decided to get on a pallet jack and race around the plant. You can go in a circle if your careful but I kept pulling on the "wheel" and we almost crashed. Then Phil came back and we had to try to remember ...
  2. Powers of an Operator

    I used to be an operater on a classic minecraft server, until my brothers got the computer taken away, and every time I went on this same kid would keep begging me to promote him, but no, the admin said the admin did promote stuff, besides I was too busy with stalking greifers and figuring out who to ban and who to ip ban.
    We almost got an SMP up, but I never got to see the smp in full swing. I was around while the admin was using me as a test chicken for the spawn points, hostile mobs, ...
  3. Bearded Dragon used Roar!

    I have no idea which photo I put on this thing. Phone navigation is difficult. Edit, ok I tried to put on a photo, didn't work. Game over. Edit out!
    Anyways, its one of my beardies. I gave the big one a new cage, with a hill thing to his basking spot, which has been decorated with foody claw prints...
    Also, yesterday,
    He licked my dr pepper!!!

    One of my smaller beardies needs his nails filed! He's crawling up and down my leg, and I can feel pin pricks, although ...
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  4. Ah! My Head!

    I finished writing a 25 question test in a couple of days when I had two weeks to finish the sucker, but I really really wanted to start a trade shop. So I did. And now I am up way past my bed time, but it's kind of like when I stay up this late to go to work, so school will be my work, and when I sleep will be my nap until I go to work, but I'm using my brain instead of my arms... that might be a problem.

    I feel like my spine has cracked into a million tiny pieces... Something me and ...
  5. Succssess!

    There may be a few too many S's in there... or maybe it's the c...

    Gaara Sword asked for a timid male deino with sp atk and speed, and I finally managed to hatch one! For the first few phases until I switched the parents, I kept getting timid females and wrong natured males. All I could think was "don't be so shy and come and help mommy beat an inferior complex into one of your brothers."
    Well, I got one without having to gang up on the baby.
    I'm calling ...
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